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client cases

Client Cases

On the following pages are samples of some of the projects I've designed, developed and delivered. These are project on which I've been the lead designer responsible for conceptual and content design, learning design and graphic design.

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A very large financial service firm - confidential


Project and team alignment program

An alignment program for the project team developing a new IT product. Developed to create understanding of the features, benefits, customer usage and value of this new product.

Participants internalized the development process and identified ways of working more efficiently a a team.

It created a big picture understanding of the end product and its value to the customers.

Strategy alignment program

An alignment program for particiapnts to understand and internalize their strategic direction moving forward.
5 slides

5-year strategy presentation 2007 & 2008

Produced keynote presentations and communication materials for the president and other top executives.

Presentations include the 5-year strategy conference for top leaders—aligning and getting buy-in from the 200 top executives around the overall strategy for the next 5 years. The presentation was later distributed to the rest of the organization.
leadership slides

Keynote presentation

Produced keynote presentations and communication materials for other top executives. This is an example from a presentation to the conference board.

Customer Service training

Program to increase comp sales by aligning store employees around the new customer service standards. Created to provide a thorough understanding of the need to focus on the customer experience to increase conversion rates, units per transaction and overall customer satisfaction. Employees work with real-life situations to understand the best behaviors. Participants – 160,000 employees worldwide, translated into seven languages.

The outcome was an increase of $487,000 over a three-week period of time, measured in 35 test store locations. Based on the statistics of the study, the conservative projected increase is a $379 million global gain over the first year.

Compliance training

Program to create understanding of the compliance policies. Participant discovered what the policies were and how they worked. They internalized the meaning of the policies and how they relate to their corporate values and strategic direction with the use of scenarios and cases.

On-line Business Understanding program

Created “Blue System Primer”, an elearning program for Plan Board Members to learn about BCBSA history, structure, vision and mission.

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