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Client Cases Page 3

Client Cases 3

On the following pages are samples of some of the projects I've designed, developed and delivered. These are project on which I've been the lead designer responsible for conceptual and content design, learning design and graphic design.

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Virtual Training program

Created “Operating the Review Scope - A virtual training program”, an elearning course for users of the Cytyc Review Scope to detect cervical cancer. After learning about parts, features, functionality, maintenace and workflow users work on cases in a simulation replicating real life usage.

A Virtual Training program for Operating the Review Scope - a key component of the ThinPrep Imager. A CD-ROM was developed to help cytologists learn about Features and Benefits, Functionality, Workflow and Maintenance.

Exercises include a 3D model of the Review Scope, which participants can freely rotate and zoom in and out to examine the Scope and it's parts. A key part of the program is an animated demonstration of the Workflow that was then applied to a number of real life cases for practice.


An experiential learning tool for a road show promoting their new Imager for detecting abnormal cells of cervical cancer in ThinPrep samples.

Lab directors and cytologists were invited to learn about features and benefits of the new device, and about issues concerning the implementation of the Imager.

Two Imagers were sold within 2 months, directly attributed to the learning program.

Diversity conference

Produced all content and materials for the “Changing Color of Leadership” conference on behalf of the non-profit organization Chicago-United.

Materials for six different tracks were produced, including;
1. Strategies for Minority Business Enterprises
a) Alternative Growth Models for Building Scale
b) Strategic Marketing

2. Multiracial Leadership Development in Major Corporations
a) The Multiracial Leadership Landscape: Integrating Individual Advocacy with Institutional Empowerment
b) Key strategies for Developing Multiracial Leadership

3. Leading Innovation: Trends in Supplier Diversity Management
a) New Challenges Facing Business Diversity Managers
b) Building a Legacy of Business Diversity Through Visionary Leadership

Another large confidential client


Business understanding program

A program for participants to learn about the interactions between key elements of their value chain, business goals, corporate values and core competences

Diversity training

“Maximizing Performance Through Diversity” - an alignment program to help employees focus on the opportunities inherent in behaving in an inclusive manner.

Created to focus employees on growth through untapped market opportunities and a global perspective. Participants explored the depth and breadth of the true meaning of diversity to understand its impact on a fundamental level. They identified ways to leverage the diversity currently in the company and to explore new ways to share ideas and develop high performing teams. More than 20,000 participants.

Strategy Alignment program

A learning program for all managers to align with the overall strategy of ClubCorp. Participants started with exploring the past and the present to be able to plan for the future. They brainstormed new solutions and services by drawing inspiration day to day activities.

Diversity training

Customized version of Maximizing Performance Through Diversity for use in a medical center environment. Participants explored the depth and breadth of diversity and its impact across the medical center. They identified ways to work more effectively as a team and leverage their Indicators of Excellence through living their values.

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