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Client Cases Page 4

Client Cases 4

On the following pages are samples of some of the projects I've designed, developed and delivered. These are project on which I've been the lead designer responsible for conceptual and content design, learning design and graphic design.

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Customer Service training

Customer service program for Supervalu and its 11 subsidiaries. Program to align store employees around the customer service vision. Created to provide a consistent understanding of the need to focus on customer service and the overall experience. Employees work with real-life situations to understand the best behaviors. Final component allows for ongoing measurement of customer service. Participants – 24,000 employees.

“Benchmarking our stores that used the customer service program against the control group showed that comp sales, units per transaction and average sale were significantly increased almost immediately.” Quote from client representative.

The WorldbankNew Employee Orientation

New employee program aimed at integration of Bank’s history, goals, values and performance; developed as integral part of new employee training. The first phase was a big picture understanding of the bank’s history, why certain decisions were made at that time, and the consequences they had.

The second phase created an understanding of what their values and guiding principles meant, and how they support the realization of their vision. This showed how immaterial characteristics such as values can support a realistic, material goal. Participants – 500 new employees annually.

Diversity and inclusion awareness

An Innovation through Diversity alignment program to help employees focus on the opportunities inherent in behaving in an inclusive manner. Created to focus employees on growth through untapped market opportunities and a global perspective.

Participants explored the depth and breadth of the true meaning of diversity and understand its impact on a fundamental level. They identified ways to leverage the diversity currently in the company and to explore new ways to share ideas and develop high performing teams.

Sales training

A training program for employees to learn about a new product being offered. Participants learned of what it is and why it's a good offering at this specific time, how to understand customers' needs and how this product can meet those needs. They also practiced what to say and do in different scenarios.


An elearning program for medical students to learn how to give and elicit feedback, and how it's different from evaluation.


An elearning program for medical students to receive CME credits. Topic, cervical cancer.

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